Information Technology Direct Marketing Services

Marigold Direct provides direct marketing list solutions tailored to the unique challenges posed by the intensely competitive IT marketplace. We draw on the IT industry’s most effective direct marketing lists, years of experience working with IT marketers as well as our own background as an IT-driven solution provider to help our clients:

  • Adapt to the IT industry’s collaborative buying processes by reaching every participant in company-wide purchasing decisions—even those working in separate departments
  • Reach the right buyers by job title and department for big-ticket niche items like call center solutions and content management platforms
  • Gain competitive advantage by using precision targeting and high-quality data to reach the right decision-makers at the right time with the right message.

Example Lists

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List Name Universe
BusinessPros - A Mailing List of Executive Decision Makers by Marigold34,430,095
A Database of Opt-in email Business contacts25,629,852
Small Business Entrepreneuers by Marigold13,945,154
Business Owners by Marigold8,650,105
C-Level Executives by Marigold6,961,436
Office Product Buyers by Marigold6,866,328
Business Cell Phone Users by Marigold4,838,792
An Email List of Personal Digital Assitant (PDA) Users at Business Address4,485,600
A Mailing List of Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Users at Business Address4,471,898
Business Credit Card Users by Marigold4,419,009
VoIP Mailing List: Business Prospects3,971,057
VoIP Email List: Business Prospects3,971,057
Computer Buyers at Business Addresses by Marigold3,244,917
An Email List of Business Credit Card Users2,419,008
An Email List of SOHO Broadband Buyers2,363,877
Laptop Buyers at Business Addresses2,259,908
A Mailing List of SOHO Broadband Buyers2,232,673
Young Business Professionals by Marigold2,013,241
Profound DBI - Digital Business Intelligence1,643,522
eManagers: SOHO Technology Buyers1,601,123
eManagers: Small Business Technology Buyers1,204,464
A Mailing List of Growing Businesses1,121,041
First Time Job Holders by Marigold553,794
A Mailing List of Cloud Computing Customers75,593
A Mailing List of IT Consultants49,461

Our seasoned account executives listen carefully to our IT industry customers and design ROI-positive solutions based on deep expertise in what works and what doesn’t. When more than one list seems appropriate for a specific campaign, we encourage rigorous testing to determine which one will deliver the greatest response to the offer, then focus the list based on precise customer-driven parameters, including:

  • The types of customers targeted: SOHO; small, medium or large businesses; Fortune 500
  • Job function selects such as CIO, CTO, vice president of technology, MIS director, webmaster, etc.
  • Further enhancements based on the client’s marketing strategy. For example, one client wanted one contact per company, to be selected according to a hierarchy of job functions ranked from highest priority to lowest. Using functionality we call the “Cascading Job Function Prioritization Schedule,” we pulled one contact per company from our database according to the prioritization provided by the client. If there was no CTO for a given company in our database, we pulled the CIO. If there was no CIO, we pulled the VP of technology—and so on down the line. This strategy enabled our client to target the best possible contact at each company in our extensive database.

In addition to sourcing the IT industry’s highest-quality, highest-return direct marketing lists for our clients, we offer proprietary data that has been hand-selected to ensure maximum accuracy, freshness and relevance for business-to-business IT direct marketing. Our 110 currently available Datacards include many that are precisely targeted to specific IT profiles, including computer buyers, eCommerce business owners, VoIP prospects and many more. Learn more here.

Find out What Marigold Can Do for You

Marigold’s IT industry direct marketing list solutions have been proven effective by IT leaders including Microsoft, Dell and Citrix. Contact Marigold today to learn more about a customized direct marketing list solution to support your IT industry campaign.