Mortgage Refinancers by Marigold

Homeowners who have refinanced their homes

The home refinancing process provides fresh data on homeowner households a targeted market of individuals ideal for a wide variety of homeowner-related offers and financial products campaigns. This comprehensive Marigold list includes more than 10 million households that have purchased a home and subsequently refinanced. Use the many selects available to precisely target a direct mail campaign to these homeowners by age of children in the household, computer purchases, marital status, and more.


2516580 WITH PHONES+$10.00/M


Age Of Children+ $5.00/M
Computer Owner+ $5.00/M
Credit Card Buyers+ $5.00/M
Donor+ $5.00/M
Ethnicity+ $5.00/M
Lifestyle Select+ $5.00/M
Marital Status+ $5.00/M
SCF+ $5.00/M
State+ $5.00/M
Zip+ $5.00/M

ID Numbers

NextMark ID: 186008
mIn ID: 129134
SRDS ID: 880631-000

List Information

Total Count:12,505,467
Base Price:$70/M
Minimum Purchase:$500

List Types Available

Postal Mail

List Maintenance

New to market04/24/2006
Update frequencyMonthly

Addressing Options

Mailing Labels$10/

Delivery Options

Email Delivery $50/F



NameTJ Downey
RoleList Manager
Phone(646) 442-2076
Fax(888) 761-8817

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