Email Lists

Marigold provides some of the highest quality and most comprehensive email lists in the industry. Whether you're targeting businesses or consumers, we can help you choose the right email lists to achieve the best results for your direct marketing campaigns.

Below are some examples of our email lists.

Business Lists
eCommerce Business Owners Email List: No Bricks and Mortar
IT Buyers Email List: Online Information Technology Decision Makers
An Email List of Business Owners and Executives in the US
WirelessPros Email List: Wireless Cell Phone Subscribers
An Email List of Business Credit Card Users
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Consumer Lists
An Email List of Consumers in the US
An Email List of Consumers in China
An Email List of Video Game Players
Broadband Buyers Email List: High Speed Internet Consumers
An Email List of Pet Owners
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Fortune 500 companies such as HP and Verizon have chosen Marigold for their mailing lists and data enhancement needs. To find out how much more effective your customer, subscriber and prospect lists can be, contact us today.