An Email List of Consumers in the US

US consumer email addresses.

This opt-in email list is one of the most comprehensive methods for reaching online consumers in the US on the market today. If your offer is targeted to people living in the US then you understand that they have unique cultural distinctions that the value of your offer should appeal to. Marigold has numerous additional selects to further refine your email marketing campaign. Marigold uses advanced processes that exceed industry standards to make sure that our email list is accurate and current. We continue to grow our data assets so that you can regularly market your product or service to the US hotline. Inquire today.


3 Month Recency+ $10.00/M
Age+ $10.00/M
Donors+ $10.00/M
Income+ $10.00/M
Occupation+ $10.00/M

ID Numbers

NextMark ID: 242532

List Information

Total Count:168,157,210
Base Price:$125/M
Minimum Purchase:$1,000

List Types Available


List Maintenance

New to market--
Update frequencyMonthly



NameBen  DeLisle
RoleList Manager
Phone(646) 442-2077
Fax(888) 761-8817

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