A Mailing List of SOHO Broadband Buyers

SOHO Broadband buyers: High-speed SOHO Businesses at Postal Address Nationwide

SOHO Broadband Buyers are small businesses who are not satisfied with slow dial-up connections. These are net-savvy Entrepreneurs who need an Internet connection at all times and they need a fast connection to be more productive. SOHO Broadband Buyers subscribe to high speed cable and DSL connections, they have been credit-approved by their carriers, and are paying a recurring monthly service charge of $150 per month on average. Inquire about additional selects today!


Annual Sales Volume+ $5.00/M
Job Title Select+ $5.00/M
Number Of Employees+ $5.00/M
Sales Volume+ $5.00/M
SCF+ $5.00/M
SIC Code+ $5.00/M
Years In Business+ $0.00/M
Zip+ $5.00/M
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An Email List of SOHO Broadband Buyers

ID Numbers

NextMark ID: 242352
mIn ID: 120526
SRDS ID: 868450-000

List Information

Total Count:2,232,673
Base Price:$125/M
Minimum Purchase:$625

List Types Available

Postal Mail

List Maintenance

New to market06/26/2007
Update frequencyMonthly

Addressing Options

Mailing Labels$10/

Delivery Options

Email Delivery $50/F



NameBen  DeLisle
RoleList Manager
Phone(646) 442-2077
Fax(888) 761-8817

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