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A Database of Opt-in email Consumers 191,407,752
Hispanic College Graduates 863,582
Cooking and Wine Enthusiasts by Marigold 3,362,464
Credit Card Reward Members by Marigold 2,693,882
Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Users by Marigold 5,459,616
Fitness Enthusiasts by Marigold 9,251,648
Frequent Flyers Mailing List: Business Travelers 3,575,101
Gambling Enthusiasts by Marigold 2,468,423
iPod Owners by Marigold 5,780,196
Boating Enthusiasts by Marigold 2,205,605
Newspaper Subscribers by Marigold 29,661,160
Republican Newspaper Subscribers by Marigold 11,899,413
Ringtone Downloaders by Marigold 7,122,316
Running and Cycling Enthusiasts by Marigold 4,890,936
Senior Magazine Subscribers by Marigold 8,936,906
SMS : List of Consumers in the US 84,566,122
College Students by Marigold 4,564,391
Automobile Owners by Marigold 40,683,384
A Database of Opt-in email Golfers 7,878,055
A Mailing List of Mail Order Buyers of Tennis Equipment 346,637
A Database of Opt-in email Sports Enthusiasts 17,184,821
A Database of Opt-in email Sweepstakes Entrants 55,146,386
A Database of Opt-in email Vacation Travelers 11,160,580
A Mailing List of African American College Graduates 1,723,251
A Mailing List of Art Buyers 306,442
A Mailing List of Consumers in the US 115,685,734
A Mailing List of Tivo Users 2,249,148
Antiques and Art Enthusiasts by Marigold 1,189,943
Active Military and Military Veterans by Marigold 7,606,163
An Email List of African American College Graduates 1,723,251
An Email List of College Students 3,451,905
An Email List of iPod Owners 2,780,196
An Email List of Ringtone Downloaders 10,496,037
An Opt-in email List of Boating Enthusiasts 310,362
Sweepstakes Entrants by Marigold 3,277,281

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