Collectible Buyers by Marigold

Buyers of Collectibles

The Marigold Collectible Buyers file provides an ideal demographic for targeting those consumers that have started collecting items via catalogs, television and websites throughout the United States. These responsive consumers recognize the convenience and enjoy the privacy of shopping from their own home. Some of the collectibles they purchase include Dolls & Figurines, Stamps & Coins, Sports Memorabilia as well as Art & Antiques. These consumers take their hobby of collecting very seriously. Inquire about additional selection capabilities to better identify your ideal target market.


1036547 3 Month Recency+$10.00/M
1928703 6 Month Recency+$10.00/M
1059377 Art Antiques+$15.00/M
587369 Dolls Figurines+$15.00/M
487216 Sports Memorabilia+$15.00/M
101498 Stamps Coins+$15.00/M


Credit Card Buyers+ $5.00/M
Marital Status+ $5.00/M
SCF+ $5.00/M
State+ $5.00/M
Zip+ $5.00/M

ID Numbers

NextMark ID: 179812
mIn ID: M120710
SRDS ID: 868612-000

List Information

Total Count:3,745,111
Base Price:$70/M
Minimum Purchase:$500

List Types Available

Postal Mail

List Maintenance

New to market01/08/2006
Update frequencyMonthly

Addressing Options

Mailing Labels$10/

Delivery Options

Email Delivery $50/F



NameTJ Downey
RoleList Manager
Phone(646) 442-2076
Fax(888) 761-8817

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