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An opt-in email List of Registered Democratic Voters 1,207,942
Internet Shoppers by Marigold 6,947,283
Donors to Women's Causes by Marigold 2,270,668
Environmental and Wildlife Donors by Marigold 4,239,141
Golf Enthusiasts by Marigold 2,760,659
Humanitarian Donors by Marigold 2,833,190
Insurance Quote Requestors by Marigold 6,820,391
Interior Decorating Enthusiasts by Marigold 2,282,723
Intimate Apparel Buyers by Marigold 2,784,962
Credit Card Consumers by Marigold 19,613,038
Mail Order Buyers by Marigold 54,173,803
New Credit Seekers by Marigold 5,136,189
Newlyweds by Marigold 1,036,609
Pet Owners by Marigold 15,833,438
Registered Democratic Voters by Marigold 22,156,829
Senior Mail Order Buyers by Marigold 7,173,729
Soap Opera Enthusiasts by Marigold 3,052,276
Democratic Donors by Marigold 3,382,709
Country Lifestyle Enthusiasts by Marigold 2,242,311
A Database of Opt-in email Golfers 7,878,055
A Mailing List of Senior Insurance Quote Requestors 556,354
A Database of Opt-in email Vacation Travelers 11,160,580
A Mailing List of Gourmet and Upscale Gift Buyers 199,521
A Mailing List of Hispanic Catalog Apparel Buyers 832,285
A Mailing List of Hispanic Internet Apparel Buyers 605,876
A Mailing List of Jewelry Buyers 943,470
A Mailing List of Mail Order Buyers of Golf Equipment 703,600
A Mailing List of Mail Order Buyers of Housekeeping and Kitchen Products 3,551,133
African American Households by Marigold 7,089,305
Collectible Buyers by Marigold 3,745,111
An Email List of Credit Card Consumers 18,885,753
An Email List of Pet Owners 38,861,700
Brides to Be by Marigold 785,569
Business and Financial Magazine Subscribers at Businesses by Marigold 2,830,348
Children's Apparel Buyers by Marigold 3,330,192
Children's Book Enthusiasts by Marigold 3,289,724
Christian Donors by Marigold 4,092,330
Stationery and Gift Buyers by Marigold 2,626,022

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