SIC Code 2282 - Throwing And Winding Mills Mailing List

There are 35 records in our business mailing list for SIC code 2282: Throwing And Winding Mills.

Equivalent NAICS Code 313112.

Establishments primarily engaged in texturizing, throwing, twisting, winding, or spooling purchased yarns or manmade fiber filaments wholly or chiefly by weight of cotton, manmade fibers, silk, or wool, mohair or similar animal fibers, or in performing such activities on a commission basis. Establishments primarily engaged in dyeing or finishing purchased yarns or finishing yarns on a commission basis are classified in Industry 2231 if the yarns are of wool and in Industry 2269 if they are of other fibers. Establishments primarily engaged in producing and texturizing manmade fiber filaments and yarns in the same plant are classified in Industries 2823 or 2824.

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SIC CodeDescriptionCount
SIC 2282Throwing And Winding Mills35
SIC 228201Needle And Handicraft Yarns, Twisting, Winding, Or9
SIC 228202Manmade And Synthetic Fiber Yarns, Twisting, Windi5
SIC 228203Natural And Animal Fiber Yarns: Twisting, Winding,2
SIC 228204Carpet And Rug Yarn: Twisting, Winding, Or Spoolin6


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