SIC Code 33 - Primary Metal Industries Mailing List

There are 4531 records in our business mailing list for SIC code 33: Primary Metal Industries.

This major group includes establishments engaged in smelting and refining ferrous and nonferrous metals from ore, pig, or scrap; in rolling, drawing, and alloying metals; in manufacturing castings and other basic metal products; and in manufacturing nails, spikes, and insulated wire and cable. This major group includes the production of coke. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing metal forgings or stampings are classified in Industry Group 346.

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SIC CodeDescriptionCount
SIC 33Primary Metal Industries4,531
SIC 331Steel Works, Blast Furnaces, And Rolling And Finishing Mills1,224
SIC 332Iron And Steel Foundries617
SIC 333Primary Smelting And Refining Of Nonferrous Metals270
SIC 334Secondary Smelting And Refining Of Nonferrous Metals107
SIC 335Rolling, Drawing, And Extruding Of Nonferrous Metals769
SIC 336Nonferrous Foundries (castings)823
SIC 339Miscellaneous Primary Metal Products721


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