SIC Code 5731 - Radio, Television, And Electronic Stores Mailing List

There are 10821 records in our business mailing list for SIC code 5731: Radio, Television, And Electronic Stores.

Equivalent NAICS Code 441310.

Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of radios, television sets, record players, stereo equipment, sound reproducing equipment, and other consumer audio and video electronics equipment (including automotive). Such establishments may also sell additional lines, such as household appliances; computers, computer peripheral equipment, and software; musical instruments; or records and prerecorded tapes. Establishments in this industry may perform incidental installation and repair work on radios, television sets, and other consumer electronic equipment. Establishments primarily engaged in the installation and repair of these products are classified in Services, Industry 7622. Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of computer equipment are classified in Industry 5734, and those selling electronic toys are classified in Industry 5945.

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SIC CodeDescriptionCount
SIC 5731Radio, Television, And Electronic Stores10,821
SIC 573101Antennas197
SIC 573102Video Cameras, Recorders, And Accessories328


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