List Brokerage

The key to direct marketing success is to hit the right names in the right way—and to work with the right list acquisition partner. Marigold Direct works closely with clients to identify the right resources for each direct marketing campaign, including both proprietary and third-party postal mail, telemarketing, opt-in email and multi-channel lists, and assemble a customized solution that maximizes the return on your marketing budget. We help direct marketing professionals make every mailing, email and phone call count by providing data that is:

  • Targeted — Deep expertise in key vertical markets makes Marigold Direct uniquely qualified to pinpoint the ideal prospects for specific industries or campaigns. Our list solutions supplement traditional selection parameters like Industry (SIC code), Title, Employee Size, Annual Revenues, Geographic Area and Lifestyle with additional market data and strategic insight.
  • High-Quality — To achieve optimal results for our clients, we cleanse and validate all of our data through a strict data hygiene process that includes NCOA, Zip+4 appending, CASS certification, strict de-duping, genderization, DSF overlays, area code split adjustments, email and URL standardization, and custom-built tools that process and standardize virtually every field in our database to minimize invalid addresses and ensure the highest level of data quality.
  • Effective — Marigold Direct works only with the top list owners and direct mail resources in the industry, to provide our clients with fresh, high-response rate lists that lead directly to new business, increased market share and competitive success.

List Brokerage Services

Marigold Direct provides a full line of list brokerage services to meet the needs of any direct mail campaign. List counts according to your desired selects are provided at no charge.


At Marigold Direct, we provide our clients with access to the direct mail industry’s richest business lists and databases, then work with them to test list segments and measure response rates to identify the ideal market for each campaign. Each step of the way, our clients benefit from our experience with hundreds of high-visibility business-to-business campaigns, our extensive network of list managers and a level of service that is unmatched in the industry.


Clients like HP and Verizon regularly take advantage of our superior consumer lists and comprehensive data access to select the best targets for their consumer offers. If your campaign depends on unusual selection criteria, we’ll find every way possible to reach your ideal prospects. If you’re under a tight deadline, we’ll get the job done on time, every time.


Marigold Direct is committed to increasing your response rates and producing a robust ROI with every engagement while limiting your legal liability. By checking every call list we provide against the most recent Do-Not-Call (DNC) database, we can assure clients that they are fully compliant with the law—and that their call centers won’t waste time and resources calling customers who don’t want to hear from them.

Email Direct Marketing

Marigold Direct helps clients make effective use of targeted email lists, while working to ensure complete compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act and maintain high ethical standards. Learn more about Marigold’s email marketing solutions here.

Multi-Channel Direct Marketing

Marigold’s unmatched access to industry lists and databases enables us to identify and select customer contact information for every channel your campaign uses, including postal mail, telemarketing and opt-in email.


In addition to working with top list owners in the business, we also offer our own proprietary Datacards, proven effective with high return rates for key profiles. Learn more about our managed lists here.

Find out What Marigold Can Do for You

Customers of Marigold’s list brokerage solutions include Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, HP, Microsoft and Dell. To explore your own customized solution, contact Marigold for a free list brokerage consultation. Our seasoned Direct Marketing Executives will help you to identify the ideal target market for your campaign. Using our extensive network of list managers and list owners, we will scour the market to find lists that match your marketing objectives and your budget. List counts will be provided at no cost and you will receive professional and prompt service. Inquire about our flexible billing options to make purchasing the right lists hassle-free. Contact us today to learn more.