List Enhancement Services

Marketing executives often find that their in-house customer, subscriber or prospect lists are inadequate for their current direct marketing needs: Addresses and area codes need to be updated, duplicates need to be purged, new fields need to be appended to enable custom-selects based on third-party data. To equip their lists to support the most demanding direct marketing campaigns, companies need a list broker with the technical capability to enhance their data accurately and effectively—and the reliability to be entrusted with such a vital strategic asset.

Marigold Direct offers direct marketing data enhancement to select clients with customer databases of more than one million records. Our data processing engineers apply proprietary list hygiene processes to ensure that you have up-to-date and accurate information about your customers. By appending new fields, we can also make it possible to leverage unique selection criteria tailored to the specific industry, campaign or business objectives of our clients. For example, we helped a major telecom provider of DSL services identify and target businesses that used cable broadband, enabling a highly successful competitive switch campaign.

Data Enhancement Services offered include:


Marigold offers a full suite of list append services including the following:


  • NCOA: Correct addresses in your file using the National Change of Address service.
  • Dedupe: Eliminate duplicates to save resources and reduce the cost of mailing.
  • Area Code: Bring area code up to date in locations where new codes have been introduced.

Find out What Marigold Can Do for You

Fortune 500 companies such as HP and Verizon have chosen Marigold for their data enhancement needs. To find out how much more effective your customer, subscriber and prospect lists can be, contact us today for a free database enhancement consultation.