Profound Networks provides business intelligence data on all Internet-connected networks worldwide

Network node information associated with 3 billion IP addresses on the global Internet will be used to target advertising, flag fraud, verify identities, and analyze network growth.

SEATTLE, WA — June 10, 2011. Profound Networks has announced a massive database of business intelligence data on Internet infrastructure and activities. This information, gathered through a comprehensive census of every active IP addresses on the global Internet, powers novel business applications. Profound Networks develops data-driven tools that are used to segment advertising, uncover medical billing fraud, and track and analyze network growth.

“Our rich data provides information on networks, servers, computers and smart phones, and even the software that’s been installed,” said Blake Sitney, president and chief technologist of Profound Networks. “We can segment this information by geographic area and by organization, often right down to ZIP code or business division.”

Profound Networks uses proprietary technology to unobtrusively gather the public data that exists behind every routable IP address on the global Internet. The company also monitors information on 920 million corporate subdomains, capturing information about network growth and about software and services on those networks.

Profound Networks unpacks and analyzes this data, then uses it to create cutting edge tools for clients in business and government. Sitney says clients are using the data for a wide range of purposes, from monitoring network growth to flagging fraud and blocking web signups that originate from suspect servers. Profound Technology’s current business units focus on display advertising, fraud mitigation, IP validation, and network analytics.

“Customers are coming to us with challenging requests,” said Sitney. “The demand for data about online activities is growing every day.”

About Profound Networks

Founded in 2005, Profound Networks employs a proprietary process to compile data on all the routable IP addresses on the global Internet — currently 3 billion addresses. Profound unpacks and analyzes IP-address data to create customized tools and services that address a wide range of business intelligence and security needs.

Profound Networks uses an innovative data-intelligence technology developed by Marigold Direct. This same data-intelligence technology is used by Marigold Direct, a direct marketing list acquisition firm serving a Fortune 500 client base.

For more information on Profound Networks’ data intelligence solutions, call Ben De Lisle, SVP Sales 646-331-7016 or email

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