Direct Marketing Tips – Using a New Movers List

Even in the age of the internet, direct mail marketing is far from dead. In fact direct mail can be an extremely effective way to market your business and get the word out about all the great products and services you have to offer. With the right tools, the response to a direct mail marketing campaign can be a vital method to grow your business, and that means more profits for you and more satisfied customers.

One of the most effective tools for certain local businesses planning a direct marketing campaign is to target new movers. Purchasing a list of new movers who have recently moved to your neighborhood and sending them a compelling offer to visit your shop or try your service is a proven way to build your business. New residents have many needs. They will look for new restaurants, a new pharmacy, dentist, health care services, car insurance, home insurance, furniture, utilities, phone services, and so much more. Savvy businesses can target those newly arrived residents with a smart and well thought out direct marketing campaign. Getting to the new mover first is also critical. E.g. When a pharmacy gets the prescription filled and provides a satisfactory service, chances are good that the customer will refill at the same pharmacy over and over again. The lifetime value of one new customer can pay for the entire direct mail campaign many times over. So getting that new customer first gives the business a huge advantage.

Many businesses find that direct marketing works best when the mailing provides a strong enticement for new customers to give them a try. In some cases this enticement may come in the form of a free sample or a free service. For instance, a local bakery could offer a free half dozen cookies, a free slice of cake or other sweet treat. A local bar and restaurant could offer a free drink with dinner. A local chiropractor, attorney or other professional could offer a free consultation. All of these giveaways are a great way to entice first timers to give the business a try. Moving to a new neighborhood can also be stressful, so a warm “Welcome to the neighborhood, come in for (a free checkup, a 50% discount, etc) can be a great way to gain the loyalty of the new resident.

In fact many businesses have used these tried and true techniques to lure new customers through their doors. When used with a highly targeted tool like a new movers mailing list these direct mail campaigns can provide an excellent return on investment and help spread the word about the business and all the great things it has to offer those new residents.

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