Using an Opt-In Email List to Build Your Business

Ever since the earliest days of the internet email has been an effective and fast means of communication. Exchanges that would have once taken days or even weeks can now be completed in a matter of minutes, and email has allowed researchers, workers and ordinary citizens to communicate with one another across the country and across the globe.

Marketers were quick to understand the power of electronic communication as well, and soon email boxes everywhere were filled with unwanted marketing materials. The extremely cost effective nature of email marketing makes it a powerful tool, but it is important for businesses to use this powerful tool the right way. Launching an email marketing campaign that ignores the wishes of customers is counterproductive, and in some cases, illegal. Instead of gaining new customers, unwary business owners could find themselves in hot water with those they are seeking to persuade.

Fortunately there is another way – the opt-in email list. Using a trusted opt-in email service provider is a proven way to drive sales, create brand awareness and customer loyalty. Opt-in email marketing has many dynamics, but one thing is always consistent: The end user has agreed to receive marketing promotions. For this reason, targeted and relevant email campaigns directed to people who have opted-in is now a proven and effective marketing technique. In many cases, an opt-in lists is the best way to reach certain niche demographics. Niche marketing is one of the fastest growing parts of the advertising business, and as the market continues to fragment this trend is only expected to grow. Companies can no longer rely on mass marketing “spray and pray” techniques alone – these days companies need to be smarter about their message and relevant to customers. Opt-in email marketing provides an immediately measurable and cost effective way for companies in many different industries to reach those who are most receptive to their message. Is opt-in email marketing right for you?

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