New Central Office Lookup Tool

Marigold is pleased to announce the release of our free Central Office Lookup Tool for marketers in the Telecom industry. This service enables Telecom marketers to research and acquire consumer and business lists selectable by the 8 or 11 character CLLI code that identifies a particular Central Office.

If you manage an ISP or Telecom service provider, you will find this tool useful for your marketing efforts because you have made large investments in switching, networking, and colocation costs in order to provide Telecom services to businesses and consumers within reach of any given Central Office where you have a presence. In addition to providing counts from our extensive consumer and business database, the Central Office Lookup Tool also provides detailed information about virtually every Central Office in the United States; information including: Types of switches, primary network providers, NPA-NXXs served, and a map of the physical location. Find the Central Office that serves your home or business, use the tool to plan your next marketing campaign, or leave us feedback as to what features you would like to see as we continue to develop this resource.

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