New media: Challenging direct marketers to think “outside of the mailbox”

Recognize that fellow in the airport waiting area, pulling out a PDA to check web-based email and an RSS newsreader? Does the woman listening to the videocast of a celebrity chef on her iPod look familiar?

Take a good look. Because if you’re a direct marketer, these are probably your newest customers. Consider these “new media” marketing scenarios:

Joe Doe follows a link or URL to your website and accepts cookies so you can recognize him on his next visit. What’s this but a new opportunity to do truly direct marketing, customizing the version of your site that he sees with offers based on his previous page visits or a wish list? ( has perfected this marketing technique.)

Responding to an email offer, Susie Smith signs up on your site so she can download free podcasts, mp3s, or video. Now you have a consumer who’s opted in, in effect choosing you as her content provider. (Just as many B2B sites offer white papers to drive sign-ups, the cutting-edge business-to-consumer sites now offer a free audio or video download.)

Bottom line: The mailbox — be it at the end of the driveway, or right on the desktop — is still a prime direct marketing target, but, increasingly, it’s the first step in a complex, multi-channel marketing scenario. Marigold can help you take this crucial first step, providing business and consumer lists that closely target tech-savvy buyers, such as our list of computer and technology magazine subscribers or our opt-in list of IT-Pros. Contact us to find out more about about lists like these and how they can be further tailored to reach your target audience.

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