Direct marketing: Reaching the seasonal customer

Your direct mail offer is compelling and your lists target the ideal audience. In short, you’ve taken into consideration the major factors in your control when it comes to increasing response to your campaign.

But what about that big factor you can’t control — the mindset of the recipient? If the person who gets your mailing isn’t in the mood to buy or to “find out more,” your mailer will wind up in the trash. Or your email will go unopened.

The good news is that there are some powerful motivators out there that put consumers in a buying frame of mind. You can’t control them, but you can harness their power to boost response to your campaign. These are the seasonal events: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, summer vacations, back-to-school, and more. To take advantage of these purchasing motivators, time your direct marketing campaigns to coincide with the periods in which these events have people looking to buy.

For instance, now’s the time to implement campaigns with a tie-in to a “back to school” theme. The back-to-school buying season begins this month with high school graduation presents — often major computer purchases for college-bound students. It continues through the summer with everything from school supplies and clothes to dorm furniture, luggage, moving services, and moving supplies. Who to target? Parents of school-age children, grandparents, and college-age teens. And don’t forget the eager audience for time-saving products and services catering to working parents with school-age children.

Seasonal campaigns are an excellent opportunity to evaluate new lists and to apply selects to better target the lists you already use. For your back-to-school campaigns, be sure to inquire about Marigold’s high-quality consumer mailing lists, including College-Bound Teens and Mail Order Buyers of Childrens Apparel.

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