All about location: Regionally targeted direct mail campaigns

The phrase “location, location, location” used to be associated with retail and referred to brick-and-mortar stores. Today this catch-phrase is relevant to direct mail marketing as well. It refers to the location not of your business but of the consumers or businesses you want at the receiving end of your offer.

We’re finding that many of our clients are working on direct mail and email campaigns that require regionally targeted mailing lists. For instance, one telecom client wanted to offer a certain service with a major incentive attached, but only to businesses in areas where their service was not already well established. We were able to craft a customized list that enabled them to reach exactly those customers.

Here are a few of the other reasons to consider regional, and local, targeting for direct marketing campaigns:

  • Your service can be offered only in particular states (for regulatory reasons).
  • Testing has shown that mailings to consumers or businesses in particular regions are more likely to result in sales.
  • Delivery of your service or product is cost-effective only in specific geographic areas.
  • You want your discount or other special offer, such as a switching campaign, to be targeted to prospective customers only in highly competitive local or regional markets.
  • You want to test a campaign on a small region before expanding it to other areas.

Marigold’s direct marketing consultants are experts at tailoring mailing lists, datacards, and opt-in email lists, to match even the most complex regional targeting needs. Contact us to find out more about this powerful capability.

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