Finding the best lists for direct marketing of telecom services

It’s no secret that in recent years telecom companies have become some of the most enthusiastic proponents of direct marketing. Competition in the telecom field is fierce, with technological innovations creating endless opportunities to market new services and new equipment to businesses and consumers.

Marigold has become a leader in direct marketing for telecom by developing data and tools that give our customers the competitive edge. We offer a rich portfolio of telecom lists for successful opt-in email, postal direct mail, and phone campaigns. And we provide powerful combinations of selects for targeting lists by geography and telecommunications infrastructure (carrier, central office, NPA-NXX, and more). In addition, we offer free online resources such as the Central Office Lookup Tool and a domain name and IP address geolocator.

Marigold’s telecom-related lists for B2B and B2C campaigns include:

  • VoIP Business Prospects
  • Small Business Entrepreneurs
  • IT-Pros (Marigold offers multiple lists providing access to key IT buyers and decisionmakers)
  • Home Office Entrepreneurs
  • eManagers: Small Business Technology Buyers
  • Broadband Buyers: High Speed Internet Businesses
  • Business Cell Phone Users
  • Broadband Buyers: High Speed Internet Consumers
  • DSL Broadband Buyers
  • Cable Broadband Buyers
  • Broadband-Enabled Families with Children
  • VoIP Consumer Prospects

Our existing telecom mailing lists are just the beginning. With access to extensive data on telecom users, we develop targeted lists to meet the needs of particular customers and campaigns (such as eCommerce Business Owners: No Bricks and Mortar). Please contact us today to find out more about telecom lists.

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