New direct mail list identifies telecom consumers by ISP

Hot news for all of you marketing telecom services: Marigold’s new mailing list Broadband America, gives direct marketers the unprecedented ability to identify more than 31 million consumers by broadband service provider (ISP).

Broadband America is the ideal list for telecom switching campaigns and for campaigns targeting cable, DSL, or dial-up subscribers. This datacard is rich with information: Selects include phone number, broadband provider, local telecom provider, and more.

Not only is Broadband America the most comprehensive database of its kind, the freshness and integrity of its records is ensured. Some 50 million records are added daily. And, in addition to using industry-standard cleansing techniques for postal data, Marigold has developed a proprietary technology used to test all records for online activity each time the database is rebuilt.

Find out more about Broadband America, and see the list’s segments charted by market share.

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