How fresh are your B2B mailing list addresses?

B2B direct mail is one tough environment. Today’s workforce is highly mobile, meaning that addresses go cold quickly unless mailing lists are frequently validated and updated. Even the best-crafted B2B offer can return disappointing results unless lists are carefully built from well-cleansed data and then rigorously tested to gauge response rates for a particular campaign.

A new study of B2B mail paints a picture of massive amounts of mail that never reach the intended recipient — or anyone at all.

According to the study, the average US business professional receives approximately 1,500 pieces of unwanted mail annually, along with an additional 280 pieces of mail intended for employees no longer with the company.

Sixty-one percent of mail addressed to former employees is thrown away, with 15% of the mis-addressed mail being returned to the sender. Eighteen percent is recycled, the study found.

While direct marketers may assume that the 85% of mail not returned to them is delivered to a past or prospective customer, the study results suggest that it’s more likely to be tossed out or recycled.

Marigold understands the unique and significant challenges of B2B direct marketing under these circumstances. We work with clients to address factors such as lengthy sales cycles, multiple decision makers, and the movement of addressees to other companies.

We go to great effort to keep our extensive roster of business mailing lists up-to-date. And we work with clients to test list segments and measure response rates to make sure that their campaigns will generate maximum ROI in a real-world mailing. Please contact us to discuss a customized direct marketing solution to ensure your B2B mailings get through to your target audience.

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