Marigold’s new mailing lists reach ethnic markets

Some of the hottest areas in direct marketing — and direct mail — are the emerging ethnic markets. As this article from The CEO Refresher explains, dramatic profitability is in store for those companies that can recognize an ethnic market for their product and appropriately tailor a campaign to reach it.

That’s where Marigold’s newest mailing lists can help. We now offer a full array of lists that allow direct marketers to reach consumers by ethnicity, language, and religion. For the Hispanic market, more than 20 lists are available for consumers by country of origin. All the lists have numerous geographic and lifestyle selects, and can be tailored to match the target audience for your specific campaign.

The new mailing lists include more than 150 ethnic lists, as well as lists representing larger geographic areas such as the Mediterranean and the Near East. You can view counts for 40 of the larger lists here. To inquire about specific lists and the selects available for them, please call or email us.

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