Hot news for direct mail marketers

Here’s a quick roundup of the latest tips and insights from direct mail blogs, newsletters, websites and more.

Inside Direct Mail points out that “Bigger Can Be Better,” with a case study. Find out how a well-crafted aggressive package can generate ROI that more than justifies the additional costs for printing and mailing.

eMarketer covers a new study about how promotional marketers are employing online tactics including podcasts, blogs, banner ads and email.

MarketingProfs weighs the pros and cons of using customers’ real names in marketing testimonials, and readers weigh in on the discussion. This should be of particular interest to B2B marketers, who run the risk of revealing their company contacts to competitors if they quote them by name.

The May newsletter from SubscriberMail (free with registration) insists that “everything you need to know about email marketing, you learned from your mother.” We don’t know about that (did your mom use a list broker?), but we do like their sensible recommendations like “Clean your room” (clean and verify your mailing lists). And we’d like to remind you to “Practice, practice, practice” — test your offer and your lists before rolling out that big campaign.

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