SIC code mailing lists power industry-specific B2B campaigns

SIC code mailing lists are the surest way to reach potential buyers in a particular field of business. Only a small percentage of the executives and managers of any given industry will attend a conference or subscribe to a trade journal; a much larger percentage will be represented in Marigold’s B2B lists.

Who takes advantage of SIC code mailing lists for their campaigns?

  • New businesses looking for an affordable way to introduce their products and services to potential buyers
  • Businesses expanding to new markets (introducing a commercial version of a product that has been successful with consumer audiences, for instance)
  • Businesses introducing a new product that has appeal to industries beyond those they currently serve
  • Businesses selling locally that are ready to expand their campaigns into a regional or national market

You can find out more about the hundreds of SIC code mailing lists available using Marigold’s SIC Code Lookup tool. Use it to browse the lists alphabetically, or to search by SIC code or keyword. You’ll find counts for lists and for sub-sets of those lists, along with extensive descriptions of each SIC code.

Any SIC code mailing list you choose can be refined (by applying selects for state, ZIP code, company size, and more) to target exactly the audience you want to reach.

Contact us for more information about SIC code mailing lists, including data recency, and how particular lists have performed for other clients.

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