Power up your campaign with custom mailing lists

Looking for better business mailing lists? Chances are, you already have access to them. They just need some fine-tuning to get them into top form for your specific needs.

Working with a direct mail list expert like Marigold, you can transform existing lists that perform merely adequately for you into powerful custom mailing lists that yield substantially higher return.

The first critical step in customization is to make sure you’ve identified all the unique requirements of your campaign. Are you looking for customers in a particular income range, or who have purchased a related product or service within a specific time frame? Are you looking for customers who have never used the type of product or service you are offering? Your list expert can help translate your requirements to match the data fields of massive direct mail lists. Filters like these (known as “selects”) can be applied to a list every time you use it, ensuring that you have a custom mailing list that makes optimal use of your campaign resources.

Once a large list has been refined using your selects, you’re ready to test it. You’ll take a random subset of your custom list and run a test campaign. (You may compare it to lists you’re already using, against the larger “parent” list, or simply look at the test campaign’s results to evaluate its performance). Once tests validate its effectiveness, you’re ready to roll out a full campaign to the custom list.

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