Enhancing in-house lists using appends

Chances are, you’re already an expert at slicing and dicing your in-house mailing lists to get at particular subgroups for specific direct mail campaigns. You can narrow down a list by ZIP code, focus a subscriber list by selecting for previous purchasing behavior, or refine a list of prospects by sorting on any data field you like.

But what happens when your in-house mailing list lacks key data fields you’d like to use when you filter?

Fortunately, it’s possible for list experts like Marigold Direct to enhance your existing mailing list data by matching it with third-party databases and then adding data fields from those databases to yours. The additional data fields provided by the data enhancement process are called “list appends.”

Some of the most-requested types of appends are email addresses, phone numbers, SIC and NAICS codes, census data, gender information, and Central Office Telecom locations. In addition, data specific to your industry is often available and can add enormous value to your existing lists.

Find out more about Marigold’s append services and other list enhancement services.

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