Take the worry out of email marketing with good opt-in lists

There are enough elements in a email marketing campaign to keep you on your toes without additional concerns over the quality of your mailing list.

The federal CAN-SPAM Act (and some state regulations) governing B2B and B2C email marketing can be worrisome. Emails must offer an opt-out mechanism or specify the recipient’s right to omit themselves from future mailings; emails must include a valid postal address for contact; and, most importantly, direct marketing email can be sent only to “opt-in” recipients who have agreed to receive email. (This recent FTC ruling found two Internet marketers in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act. Read more about the CAN-SPAM Act here.)

The good news for email marketers is that opt-in lists are, in essence, pre-qualified customers. These are consumers who’ve already said they’d be pleased to hear from you, or to hear about your product or service. Thus it’s always to your advantage to use true opt-in lists.

The customized lists we provide our clients are continually updated to ensure that email addresses are deliverable and fresh — exactly the type of reliable opt-in data you need. Pair quality opt-in lists with a well-crafted email that meets CAN-SPAM standards and you’ll be able to email without worry.

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