Latest forecasts: slowdown in marketing spending

Two major reports this week indicate that growth in direct marketing spending will begin to slow in 2007.

The Direct Marketing Association’s annual forecast, The Power of Direct Marketing, shows growth rates in direct marketing spending down in 2007 from 2006 levels. The channels expected to be most affected include direct mail, which is likely to show declines in lumber, real estate, and automotive categories as those industries themselves cool down.

Blackfriars Communications has issued a report that anticipates leaner days in marketing, even for online marketing. Their findings are based on an August 2006 survey of senior executives that looked at spending in 12 areas, including direct mail and direct email.

At Marigold, we’re anticipating that as companies scrutinize their direct mail expenditures, many will begin to explore ways to shift from postal direct mail to direct email. Email can be a tremendously powerful tool for direct marketing, provided campaigns are crafted to harness the power — and avoid the pitfalls — of the medium. We’re experienced in helping many clients make successful transitions to direct email, and we’d be happy to share that expertise with you as you develop your campaigns for the coming year.

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