Tricks for treating your direct mail customers

The neighborhood kids who turn up on your doorstep at Halloween interact with you for just a few moments, but all year long they remember which houses splurged on holiday decorations and which people gave them really good, brand-name candy.

Direct mail customers are much the same, particularly when a campaign is targeting new, rather than returning, customers.

Here are a few tips for making their first contact with your company enjoyable, memorable — maybe even exciting:

1. Make the process pleasant.

If you’re asking for signup or subscription (or online opt-in) attractive postal response forms or web landing pages are the first step. While there’s a temptation to ask for lots of information while you’ve got their attention, limit the questions to respect their time and their privacy, and to make sure they complete the signup. But include a fun question about your product that lets new customers express their opinions.

2. Give out really good candy.

If you’re offering a freebie, make it something great they’ll hang onto and remember you by. If you’re sending it by mail, send it quickly. If the freebie is part of an online signup, make sure it’s one-click easy to download and a clearly named file — “jazz_jingle.mp3” rather than “SIUV000_123.mp3,” for instance.

3. Open the door on the first ring.

Make sure someone is “home” to answer the door when new customers come calling. Staff stores, phones, or mail rooms to be ready not just to handle the response from your campaign but to give an enthusiastic welcome to new customers who could become repeat customers. For websites, special offers should have a customized landing page or an easy-to-spot link on your homepage.

Now that you’re thinking about new customers, be sure to browse Marigold’s direct mail lists using our convenient listsearch feature. Or contact us for assistance in putting together a customized list for your next campaign.

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