Hot new lifestyle lists from Marigold

Marigold has just made available several new lists that target consumers by their interests and enthusiasms. Whether it’s pampering for their pets or equipment for their latest fitness regimen, these consumers are in the market for new products and best buys.

An Email List of Pet Owners is a database of pet owners who have opted-in to receive information about buying products and services for one of the fastest-growing consumer groups in the country — our furry friends.

A Mailing List of Truck Owners provides the ideal demographic for reaching a defined segment of US drivers with offers for insurance, gasoline cards, credit cards, audio equipment, and child-safety products.

A Mailing List of Country Lifestyle Enthusiasts puts you in touch with consumers who subscribe to country lifestyle periodicals throughout the United States. This is an ideal audience for marketing products and services in areas including antiques, collectibles, home furnishings and decorations, crafts, cooking, and more.

A Mailing List of Female Weight Loss Enthusiasts is a compiled list of female consumers based on their response to diet and fitness-related mail orders, coupons, surveys and more. Marketers can use this list’s selects (such as marital status and ethnicity) to craft highly targeted campaigns.

A Mailing List of Soap Opera Enthusiasts gives marketers access to an extremely targeted group of television viewers. This list offers numerous selects, including income and ethnicity.

Automotive Interest Consumers Email List provides email access to a database of opt-in email users who have expressed an active interest in cars and everything automotive.

An Email List of iPod Owners is a list compiled from opt-in responses to online surveys. It enables marketers to get their offers in front of media-savvy individuals on the cutting edge of consumer entertainment technology.

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