Custom mailing lists can boost direct marketing ROI

What do you do when the existing mailing lists you see at Marigold and other brokers don’t seem to match up with your needs to reach a highly specific audience? Tell us!

Marigold is the industry leader in developing custom mailing lists for exactly this situation. Custom mailing list solutions will save you from wasting time and money mailing to lists that only partially meet your criteria. Many of our clients have found a custom mailing list to be a highly affordable solution.

Here’s how the custom-list process works: Call us so we can talk about your specific needs. Marigold has access to massive datafiles from which many of our targeted lists are built. We can research these databases in a matter of hours, pull up addresses based on your specific criteria, then start building a custom list just for your campaign.

In the first part of the process, we’ll provide you with list counts — the total number of addresses that meet your special criteria — and mailing licensing options for the list. There’s no cost for this research. From there, we’ll expand or refine the data to align with your campaign budget and scope. (For instance, if the list seems too large, you might want to focus on a particular segment for an initial campaign.) We’ll then work with you on the testing of your custom list, and carry out whatever additional refinements you need.

Custom lists have made all the difference for several of our clients. In one case, the list the client asked us to build was such a winner that it was added to our featured lineup: eCommerce Business Owners: No Bricks and Mortar.

We love client success stories, and we’re particularly proud of the ones related to the many custom lists we’ve developed. We look forward to working with you to create custom lists that take your campaigns to the next level. Contact us to find out more.

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