June hot news for direct mail marketers

The folks over at Melissa Data want everyone to know what five questions to ask when testing a list. The answers to these questions will insure that you have the best possible experience with your list broker and come up with a highly targeted and effective list.

MarketingProfs.com points out that even poorly-done email campaigns can generate a decent ROI. So think what you could do with really top-notch email marketing! This article explains in detail how to demonstrate to your CEO that a larger investment in email marketing can generate a higher return.

DMNews reports that the USPS is conducting tests to better handle “slim jims,” or letter-sized catalogs. These narrow booklets are becoming increasingly popular because, under the new postage rates, they are less expensive to send than traditional-sized catalogs that mail at the more expensive rate for “flats.” After the testing is concluded, specifications for the “slim jims” are expected to change, so direct marketers planning to use this format in upcoming campaigns should follow USPS news closely.

BtoB Magazine offers valuable reminders about the pitfalls of harvesting email addresses without permission (or using harvested email addresses obtained from third parties). Harvested lists violate federal CAN-SPAM regulations. The legal alternative is to use opt-in email lists — keeping in mind that even those must be used in specific ways that comply with CAN-SPAM.

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