Campaigns hit home with residential mailing lists

Spam filters can lay waste to a B-to-C email campaign. So can a busy “delete” key. By contrast, the postal service delivers your campaign right into your potential customers’ hands.

Despite the ubiquity of Internet marketing and the rise in postal rates, Marigold continues to see strong demand for its many targeted residential mailing lists. These lists are ideal for catalog campaigns, offers that rely on visuals and brochures, and mailings that include coupons, magnets, calendars, and detailed information.

Our residential mailing lists include broad, high-impact categories, such as:

In addition, we offer residential mailing lists for highly targeted groups such as mail-order buyers of outdoor recreation products, donors to women’s causes, gardening enthusiasts, and more. (You’ll also find lists that enable your campaigns to target consumers by ethnicity, religion, or language spoke.)

Marigold’s residential lists are regularly updated (usually monthly) to ensure freshness, accuracy, and deliverability. Please contact us to find out more about any of the Marigold lists and for information on using our data resources to create a custom residential mailing list for a specific campaign.

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